About Dr Levy

Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr., professionally known as “Dr. Levy”, uses his creative singing, writing, and speaking abilities to heal the world. He is a multiple award-winning humanitarian, inventor, businessman, college professor, recording artist, author, preacher, and a peace and civil rights activist. He is a native of New Orleans, LA and is very well travelled. His work has been reported in multiple news outlets and he has worked along with other community leaders to write laws, to better humankind. He uses his abilities to offer healing to the world.


Dr. Levy graduated with honors from the historical St. Augustine High School. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Tennessee State University and his Masters and Doctorate in Philosophy and Theology from California University of Theology. He also completed Every Nation Leadership Institute, Abundant Life Ministry School, and Benny Hinn School of Wonders.

Businessman and Inventor

Dr. Levy serves in multiple vocations. He is the CEO of Q. Productions LLC, where he invented Q. Hair Regrowth Spray. It is sold worldwide in pharmacies, Beauty supply stores, salons, health stores, and online. He started this product on his own, after he defeated his battle with hair loss. When he introduced it to the market, his discovery spoke for itself by providing many people with great hair growth results.

Dr. Levy Barnes is also the founder and CEO of LeZac Homes which is a new home development company.

Dr. Levy also serves as partner of Mortgage Dynamics with his wife, Sheri Q. Barnes, and his father Levy Q. Barnes, Sr. They offer real estate and mortgage lending services.


Dr. Levy has produced two albums along with several singles, which have been Gospel Billboard hits. His music has been nominated for multiple awards and has transformed the lives of many people. His passion for God drives him to sing Christian music, but he also sings love and inspirational music, with the understanding that God is love.

Author and Publisher

Dr. Levy is the author of the books, “Your Miracle,” “Understanding and Maximizing the Gifts of Prophecy,” and “The Pathway to Life.” His latest book is available to schools that are included in his Pathway to Life program for the youth. He is also a publisher, and has published multiple types of books for new authors under his publishing company, Dr. Levy Publishing.


Dr. Levy is a former high school Biology and Chemistry teacher. He is currently the Vice President and adjunct professor at Bethel Bible College in New Orleans, LA, where he teaches New Testament, Prophecy Books, and the Spirit Realm.


Dr. Levy serves as Bishop of Bethel Temple Churches located in Hemet, CA and New Orleans, LA. He also travels to share the wonderous works of God, by singing and preaching around the world. He periodically holds miracle services and prophecy conferences in various cities, revealing the true power of God. There have been multiple accounts of people sick of cancer, aids, and paralysis being healed in his miracle services.
Dr. Levy has also hosted several TV ministry shows on the CW, CTN, and on Public Access. People have witnessed the power of Jesus Christ through the television ministry and the kingdom of God has been advanced through this effort.

Humanitarian and Activist

In lieu of the recent rise of racism and the wave of police brutality, Dr. Levy was moved to write multiple laws on policing and human rights. He is still working along with Democratic and Republican elected officials to get these laws into legislation. To get a better understanding of what police go through, he and his wife enrolled in a citizens police academy, to ensure the laws he authored were fair to both police officers and citizens. Now, he also serves as a Police Chief Advisory Board member in his city. With his work, he has a connection to what goes on in the community and what the police can do to keep citizens safe.

Dr. Levy Barnes has also partnered in gun buy back programs to remove guns out of the hands of the wrong people. He was acknowledged and awarded by the city of New Orleans, LA for his community and peace efforts.

Annually he hosts, “Christmas with Dr. Levy” which gives hundreds of quality toys and bikes to children in low income areas. His businesses, along with other businesses in the community, raise thousands of dollars in efforts to give back. Dr. Levy and Sheri Barnes work with his amazing team to hand the gifts out to children themselves.

Dr. Levy also holds political forums to keep the community aware of which leaders are being being elected in the community. Through his efforts, the best leaders have been put in place, in order to better equip his community.

Dr. Levy mentor’s youth and adults to discover their purpose, choose careers, avoid deterrents, and start businesses. He and his wife feed the hungry and do other efforts to help the poor and needy in their community. They also do their own form of disaster relief for victims of natural disasters.

Devoted Husband and Father

Dr. Levy and his wife, Sheri Q. Barnes, have two amazing children together. They minister and serve the community using teamwork. She oversees all of the administrative activities for community related services. They are also involved in couples and marriage counseling. Currently, they are working on a book called, “Finding Your Happily Ever After,” to help people find and cultivate true love. Their desire is to offer guidance, on the same type of love they have, to other couples. They both run their businesses together and they get things accomplished using their team efforts. Their love is a beacon of hope for all.