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Books by Dr. Levy

Pathway To Life

Pathway to Life is a book that takes you from a place of unproductivity to a place of life. Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr. wrote this book for you to discover your true purpose and remove you from anything that would deviate you from success. He also uses this book to show you how to choose a career and even open your own business. The ultimate purpose of this book is to take you from a place of death and bring you to a place streaming with life and success, so that you can have your best expected end.

Gifts Of Prophecy

Understanding and Maximizing the Gifts of Prophecy is a book that takes you through the word of God, to understand how God desires to speak to you. Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr. wrote this book so you can understand and maximize the gift of prophecy. There are false prophets and individuals that have misused this gift, which has caused many people to be misled and disappointed. When you have read this book, you will have an understanding on how to hear God’s voice, interpret dreams, properly apply the word of God, and comprehend how God speaks.


Your Miracle

Your Miracle is a collection of real miracles that took place around the United States of America. Dr. Levy Q. Barnes, Jr. authored this book to build your faith, so you can believe that God can change impossible situations.