Pathway To Life

Pathway to Life is a program designed for youth and adults to discover how to experience their best self. This program brings individuals from a place of failure, abuse, and destruction to a place thriving with success and life. The program embodies overcoming deterrents that prevent people from success, discovering every person’s true purpose, applying that purpose to their careers, etiquette on how to present themselves appropriately in public, and teaching individuals how to start their own business, if they desire to follow that path.

This program has been implemented in schools, colleges, jails, group homes, foster homes, churches, community facilities, and individual homes. The purpose of this program is to bring vision to those without a vision and get them to execute a solid plan, in order to attain it. With the enrollment of each institution, the students receive a book and workbook that they can use as a tool to stay with them for the reset of their lives. Dr. Levy guides them through the process and then mentors in other careers to guide the students into different professions.

This program has five phases, which is done in five to eight days. The phases include:

  1. Overcoming deterrents that hinder success (drugs, abuse, bullying, depression, etc)
  2. Discovering your purpose
  3. Applying a career to your purpose
  4. Etiquette (education on giving the proper welcoming and addresses, and dressing in proper attire for the right occasion)
  5. Entrepreneurship training

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